Creating fragrances and flavours
is our job and vocation

The smell of your fathers car recalling the light-heartedness of a childhood, the smoky scent of a cigarette on the beach, the subtle smell of books in Dannuncio’s house at lake Garda, the sweet taste of cherries in your aunts garden, the undefined but typical ambient odour of a concert or theatre hall crowded with people just before the start of the event …

For each of us aroma impressions are unique, yet difficult to describe. The link to memories is obvious and intriguing. Fragrances and flavours can provide us with feelings of well-being and happiness in a way no other of our senses can.

Creating (these) fragrances and flavours is our job and vocation.

We are a Belgian business-to-business company with more than 20 years of experience in house, specialized in designing tailor-made flavours and fragrances that, through the application in your product, will procure you a way of evoking this typical impression of uniqueness you are looking for.